Natural Right of Self Defense

Our Seminars

"Good to Go"

Our flagship seminar (“Good to Go”) is a one-day seminar focused on non-deadly and deadly use of force in self-defense encounters and the legal aftermath thereof.  There is no ‘range time’ in this course.  “Good to Go” covers the law of self-defense and what to expect from the police, prosecutors, courts, and others after a self-defense encounter.  We also cover options/decisions you have along the way so that you can solidify your own personal approach to self-defense. 

If you are prosecuted for unlawful use of force, your accumulated knowledge will be key to the jury's determination of whether your actions were reasonable.  This material will be invaluable to you and your defense team.  At the same time, the jury members will be getting an education about the law of self defense.  Essentially, you are ensuring yourself a rigorous defense in court by taking this seminar. 

The legal aftermath of a self-defense encounter will probably be the most traumatic and challenging experience of your life.  Our “Good to Go” seminar will help you sort it out . . . before it happens.   Get prepared.  Be prepared.  Examples and scenarios are numerous throughout the seminar.  Q&A and student participation is built into class sessions.  The teaching style is dynamic and engaging.  We provide you with numerous memory tools.

"Good to Go” seminar content:

  • 5 pillars of a legal claim of self-defense
  • What to say to the 911 operator
  • What to say to responding officers
  • How to select a criminal defense attorney
  • Will you be arrested at the scene of a self-defense encounter?
  • How to pay for your attorney (insurance, etc.)
  • What about defending your home
  • Myths about self defense
  • Defense of others and defense of property other than your home
  • "Stand Your Ground" in Illinois
  • "Castle Doctrine" in Illinois
  • What NOT to do
  • Next steps for the law-abiding citizen
  • And much more!!!

Student comments about the seminar:

  • "Loved the class."
  • "People do not think about the costs of defending in a criminal or civil action after a self-defense encounter.  Great information!"
  • "This is a huge step in my understanding of the law of self-defense."
  • "Hits all the key points.  I considered this course before, and now, as essential!
  • "Eye opening!"
  • "Really enjoyed this class."
  • "Fantastic."

"Good to Go" schedule:

  • Seminar check-in is at 8:00.
  • Seminar begins at 8:30; ends at 3:45.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  we no longer offer our seminars directly to individual students.  If you are interested in learning this material, please speak with your favorite gun store owner or shooting range owner and ask them to offer our training in their facility.  We'll be happy to work with store and range owners to present our seminars.  In the meantime, we'll be studying the most recent Illinois caselaw to bring it to you in our seminars.